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Our products have been formulated using precious ingredients and biotechnologies. It allows us to effectively produce new bioactive molecules and to produce already known molecules with innovative and more sustainable procedures.

The biotechnologies present in KeyD products act in a structured and complete way both in terms of penetration and degree of activity; they are not limited to restoring the normal physiological functions of the skin, but aim to effectively combat all the degenerative factors, while preserving its integrity.

Precious active ingredients such as diamond powder, for example, are able through their “soft focus” power to act on and in the skin. By including them within formulations, thanks to a scientific approach, they bring revitalizing, beneficial, anti-aging and healing properties to skincare that act in synergy to solve skin problems.

Single Dose

Our single-dose are made of recyclable paper with paper-Aticelca® 501 and are easy to use. Their multilayer material is fully recyclable and compostable. Thanks to this new technology, we are able to eliminate harmful waste. By choosing this approach, we reduce transportation costs by increasing storage space by 40%. There are no separate parts; one package, one item to dispose of, and 70% energy saved in the paper manufacturing process.
Using single-dose, for us, means helping you build a personalized beauty routine that can be easily “taken with you all the time” and used wherever you are, even at different times of the day. In addition, you are guaranteed that your products will remain intact and uncontaminated over time, thus ensuring highly effective, high-performing cosmetic.


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